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The Education Design Experience (EDEx) is...

Equipping educators with design thinking tools to develop creative solutions for complex problems in teaching and learning.

Building a network of innovative & reflective educators ready to explore, inspire, and engage.

Developing educators skilled at implementing high quality project-based learning (PBL) that impacts communities and excites students. 

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Sonja McKay, M.Ed., NBCT
Founder, EDEx

Sonja McKay is an award-winning educator, STEM leader, and design thinker. She is passionate about connecting students with their local and global community through project-based learning and design experiences. Sonja’s interest in design was sparked in 2008 when as a Kenan Fellow she partnered with a local business to engage students in sustainable packaging design. After seeing the power of involving students in creative design, Sonja worked to incorporate more design thinking in the classroom. In 2013, Sonja earned a five-year Career Award for Science and Mathematics Teachers through the Burroughs Wellcome Fund to create professional development focusing on the use of design thinking to create authentic, issue-driven, project-based student work. Sonja also develops and leads professional development for issues-based project-based learning. In 2016, she helped to create and lead the PBL Fellows program at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.  

Sonja currently teaches fourth and fifth grade at The Exploris School, an innovative model STEM charter school located in downtown Raleigh where she has taught since 2004. Sonja’s fourth and fifth grade students and teaching team recently won the 2016 Design for Change (DFC) Challenge and represented the United States at the DFC Global “Be the Change” Conference in Beijing, China (see related article and video). Prior to Exploris, Sonja taught sixth grade mathematics and science in Guilford County. Sonja is a National Board Certified Teacher in Early Adolescence Mathematics. She earned an M.Ed. in Middle Grades Mathematics Education from UNC Chapel Hill and B.S in Middle Grades Mathematics and Science Education as a Teaching Fellow at Appalachian State University. 

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To contact Sonja about scheduling design thinking or PBL workshops please email sonja@edudesignexp.com