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EDEX Collaboratory

collaboratory (noun) 1. a network of diverse innovators generating solutions 
2. a center without walls  

Education + Exploris + Collaboratory
EDucation + Exploris + Collaboratory
EDEx Collaboratory

Mission and Vision

The EDEx Collaboratory connects educators to powerful learning experiences through an active network that embraces growth, teacher-led change, and the open sharing of ideas and resources. 

Energize teacher-leaders to collectively redefine what it means to be an educator and learner because all students deserve opportunities to improve our world and become the prepared solutions-seeking workforce of the future. 

EDEx makes a difference in the lives of teachers and students. 

“EDEx helped fire up so many neurons and connections in my heart and mind. I’m so excited for this cohort and honored to be part of it.” – 2017-2018 EDEx Educator from Wilkes County

“EDEx was a game changer. As an educator for more than a decade, I needed inspiration. EDEx provided this and more... Throughout the year EDEx provided the fire to my brain that I needed to re-engage with the work I do and those most directly impacted by that work: my students. I am invigorated by what I learned, the creativity of the people with whom I engaged, and excited for what the year holds.” – 2017-2018 EDEx Educator from Wake County 

“This experience was amazing and every bit was helpful to my professional development.” – 2017-2018 PBL Fellow

 Together we are #alwayslearning