EDEx | Education Design Experience



EDEx Collaboratory

How might we connect educators to powerful learning experiences through an active network that embraces growth,
teacher-led change, and the open sharing of ideas and resources?



During the 2019-2020 school year, The EDEx Collaboratory will reach over 500 educators through a variety of ongoing professional learning opportunities and cohorts. The EDEx Collaboratory is excited to feature partnerships with organizations committed to energizing educators and students for change including The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Design for Change USA, and the Exploris School. The Exploris School is perfectly suited to be the initial lab school for the EDEx Collaboratory. For over twenty years The Exploris School has been nationally recognized as a model inquiry-based learning and global education and The Exploris School staff embrace a collaborative approach to growth. Exploris students are creative problem solvers through investigation of the world, recognize and honor perspectives, and take action as caring citizens.