EDEx | Education Design Experience



EDEx Collaboratory

How might we connect educators to powerful learning experiences through an active network that embraces growth,
teacher-led change, and the open sharing of ideas and resources?



The EDEx Collaboratory addresses the critical need to collectively reinvent teaching and learning to prepare students for a rapidly changing world. Professional learning through the EDEx Collaboratory will emphasize educators’ sustained personal progress alongside a cohort who collaborate, reflect, and grow together. Studies consistently show that ongoing support in professional development (PD) is the most effective way for educators to learn and grow. However, according to federal statistics, only 20% of PD opportunities currently meet expectations for quality and lead to lasting change in education. The EDEx Collaboratory will create a network of innovative-minded educators where 100% of participants transform their classrooms and schools. EDEx Collaboratory educators will support action and build a collaborative culture of innovation, changing the way students learn.